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101 Low Sugar Living Strategies & Tips


Get the shortcuts, the hacks and tricks to help you make your sticky sugar habits a thing of the past

Are you struggling to make quick progress when it comes to shifting to low sugar?

Feeling a bit lost as to what to change next or where to start to help you stop craving and eating sugar on a regular basis?

Well hello, I’m Laura and I can certainly help you dial down your taste bud preference to sweetness which will help you crave sugar less and embed healthier lower sugar habits... much so that you’ll probably end up raving to everyone else about (because you’ll be so impressed with yourself!)

I will be dishing you out my best 101 strategies and tips to get you sugar savvy in super quick time.

You really can make extremely powerful health tweaks that will move you towards a low sugar lifestyle without the deprivation or sacrifice (because you know I don’t advocate a lifelong cake ban by any means).

This eGuide is for you if:

  • You're struggling to find new good quality low sugar snacks
  • You always have sweet things after a meal & want to change the habit
  • You're not sure if what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch & dinner is actually making you crave more or less sugar (and you kinda want to know)
  • You want to save time trying to work things out for yourself
  • You're worried that if you keep eating this sugar, you'll gain weight, permanently damage your health or just always feel a little bit frustrated with yourself
  • With this handy eGuide, I’ll walk you through every meal and snack scenario where I present you with the best tips that I learnt myself but that I’ve also accumulated working 1-2-1 with my coaching clients.


    Here’s what you get:

    • A 15-page PDF with the 101 practical strategies & tips
    • A 19-page PDF guide all on low sugar snacking
    • Helpful links to recipes & resources
    • PLUS a bonus sugar-free guide on eating out that covers over 10 cuisines (Yes Mexican & Sushi - I have you covered!)
    • PLUS a few pages of mindset guidance on what to do when it comes to dessert


    How much? Just £6.50 for that lot

    (The mere equivalent of 5 Dairy Milk bars OR 3 ½ McFlurry’s OR a week’s worth of Nakd bars!)

    Want to get your mitts on it now?

    Great, I can’t wait to help you start making healthy low sugar tweaks as of today.

    Simply click to purchase below and your PDF guides will be instantly e-mailed to you immediately along with your bonus materials (because this is the beauty of the internet!)

    Looking forward to hearing that your post-dinner chocolate habit has been replaced by some low sugar saint and you are loving life!

    Laura xxx