Calling all those who right now feel sweet things have a bit of a hold on them…

or are sat reading this after eating an amount of sugar they daren’t count…

or are looking for some helpful low sugar tips and recipes to add to their low sugar repertoire…

Welcome to Happy Sugar Habits – your online destination for lower sugar living and better all round health.

Here we seek to bring you personal, inspiring and helpful articles to help you reduce those sugar cravings, permanently change sweet habits and give you delicious recipes to change your tastebuds with maximum taste.


Why eat less sugar?

Unless you’ve been on Mars the past few years, you can’t have failed to hear about the dangers of sugar.

If you’re still on the fence, then start by reading Why eat less sugar?

But there’s more…

It’s important to note that happy healthy sugar habits aren’t just about how much sweet stuff you eat, it’s equally important to understand why you’re eating the sugar.

Think that stress at work chocolate break; the ‘feeling fat day’ that results in a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s; or the post meal sweet habit that is engrained from years of cultural conditioning.


Here at Happy Sugar Habits it’s our mission to reduce your sugar intake yes, but to help you address other areas like emotional eating, binge eating, habit change, body confidence and other wider topics that interweave with the unhealthy sugar habits.

Deep within our philosophy is building sense of ‘self trust’ with sugar rather than a totalitarian sugar-free life dominated by restriction and deprivation.

We’re really not out to banish sugar from the world, just find a new model for being at peace with it.

We love good quality chocolate and authentic Italian Gelato as much as the next person!

We’re to help you re-wire your sweetness moderation, eat less sugar and feel great about yourself so that you can enjoy your life and all experiences with the best physical and mental health possible without any crazy diets.

What to expect

Stick around and you’ll not only start to take a handle on sugar, but you’re likely to feel happier, inspired and change your health positively both inside and out.

Here’s how:

Recipes – cook up healthy goodness and source some healthy sugar-free treats that aren’t overly packed with natural sugars or sugar substitutes. Check out the recipes section – this sweet potato cake is one of the most popular!

Sugar-free sweet potato cake

Sugar info articles – get clued up on where sugar is and the different types. Think yoghurts, health bars etc. along with everything you need to know about all the different sugar substitutes.


Life change articles – lots here on emotional eating, habit change and holistic health foundations.

Reviews & resources – With more ‘sugar-free’ products hitting our shelves every month, we’re committed to honestly reviewing & showcasing great products or services that aid lower sugar life. Check out the recommended resources or read a review.


Inspiring stories – Sugar change isn’t quite a piece of cake, but we can learn a ton from those successful in their sugar-free pursuit. Inspire yourself with their stories.

Mini ebooks & courses – Here we organise information into a helpful order or mini course to take you step by step through changing your behaviour and habits. Check out ebooks and courses here.

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How we came about

Happy Sugar Habits was founded by health coach Laura Thomas, who kicked off a blog one day after being shocked that no-one knew the amount of sugar in a Muller Light yoghurt and struggling herself with cravings.


Laura continued to write and share whist she started a 1-2-1 coaching practice around binge emotional eating sugar. You’ll find she’s crafted many of articles on the website and she share’s her own full health journey in detail here.

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