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Quitting refined sugar for lent? Read this first

Are you thinking about going all out on lent this year and giving sugar the kick?

Here are some key considerations and different options for quitting sugar for lent.

1. It’s a big commitment & will need time

Quitting refined sugar for lent is bigger than just giving up chocolate, quite bigger. Refined sugar is in a lot of things. You need to factor in time to learn where it’s lurking, check all your labels, find a lot of substitutes (depending on how much you’re eating it before) and clear out your cupboards.

Do this:More about this

Sugar-free February: A quick starter guide

Cancer Research have launched a Sugar-Free February campaign to encourage people to go sugar-free for the month and raise money for the charity.

I’m keen to support, encourage and help everyone taking part in this initiative, so here’s a quick fire guide of tips & resources to help you make a go of sugar-free February with maximum ease!

1. Use the accountability

Not only is the Cancer Research sugar-free February raising money for charity but it’s also doing its part to reduce the nation’s sugar intake and get some new habits in play.

This combination provides some powerful accountability for … More about this

Sugarfree success story: Claudia Petrilli

Today I’m sharing someone else’s success story with sugar.

Claudia Petrilli lists out the exact steps and things she did to change her relationship with sweet.

Even if you’re familiar with what you need to do to change to lower sugar living, read each one and ask yourself if you’ve actually tried to action it.

This is a great overall summary of some of the most basic things you can do to make a difference in lower sugar life seeking.

Claudia Petrilli’s sugar-free story


I used to consider myself a former sugar junkie. There was a time when I had … More about this

Sugarfree chocolate brownie recipe (banana sweetened)

Delighted to share with you this low fructose sugarfree chocolate brownie recipe, kindly contributed by The Sugarfree Siblings.

Replacing sugar with a natural version (like a banana) is a great step to eating less of the refined stuff and the fact that each of these sugarfree chocolate brownies is just sweetened with 1/4 of a banana means they are also going to hit the chocolate spot without a natural sweetness overload.

Sugarfree chocolate brownie recipe

sugarfree chocolate brownie recipe

Recipe & images by the Sugarfree Siblings

Serves 4

  • 1 banana
  • 4 tbsp coconut cream
  • 2 tbsp almond butter (any type of Nut Butter really!)

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Low sugar lifestyle product reviews: July/Aug 2016

See below the video for timestamps so you can skip to different products and get more information on each one.


Timestamps & links

00:28 Egg snack pots

Pick them up in on the go sections at many of the major shops and supermarkets e.g. Sainsburys and Pret A Manger

01:07 Dr Kargs Wholegrain Organic Emmental crispbreads

Get them in Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocado.

02:00 Twinings liquorice tea

Also check out my review of Pukka Detox tea

2:45 Choc Chick chocolate making kit

Also check out my video review of Sweet Freedom

5:48 Rebel Kitchen coconut water

7: 44 Oatly Oat More about this

An unconventional approach to emotional eating

Let’s face it.

We rarely eat sugar because we’re hungry for it.

Yes, a physical craving can occur and yes it might be the odd energy pick up.

But on the whole, sugar enters the picture as an emotional crux.

Usually due to one of the following:

  • Stress relief
  • Boredom
  • The need to be distracted
  • Frustration with feeling fat
  • Disappointment in yourself for not being something you want to be (strict with your diet, super productive, the perfect mum as prime examples)


Most quick guides or articles (with some of my own included) tell you the usual stuff:

  • Try to

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Sugar-free waffles recipe (gluten free, low carbohydrate, with xylitol)

Another guest article for you today – a sugar-free waffles recipe which is also gluten-free, low carbohydrate version for those of you who are partial to waffles (I have to add this isn’t me…yet!).

Katrin Nürnberger and Libby from Ditch The Carbs share a healthier version of the usually packed with sugar and refined carbohydrate indulgence that won’t impact on your blood sugar in the same way that regular sugar & while waffles can.

This sugar-free waffles recipe you’ll notice uses Xylitol (click the link to read up about it).

I recommend experimenting with different sugar substitutes to make regular … More about this

Sugar free ketchup tomato sauce recipe

I’ve long wanted a sugar free ketchup recipe on Happy Sugar Habits but with limited ability to cook and develop recipes recently, I’ve been hunting down someone who can create something better than I could anyway!

Enter Jenna Brannock who has developed this amazing tomato sauce recipe for you.

This is special because ALL the sugar free ketchup recipes I’ve found previously use a sugar substitute of some sort – stevia, xylitol, brown rice syrup etc.

Whilst those recipes are better than refined sugar ketchup, this one is even better because it doesn’t contain any – it’s naturally … More about this

Savoury muffin recipe: Red pepper, spinach & feta

Who’s starting to see more savoury muffin options around? Have you been temped to try a savoury muffin recipe?

I know I was always very partial to muffins – particularly blueberry and chocolate chips ones. It was the cake texture as much as the sweetness. So I’ve since fallen in love with savoury muffins as my cake-like fix without the sugar hit. 

The fabulous Tom and Lisa at Eat Wise are today sharing a savoury muffin recipe that you could use for a snack, a quick breakfast or even a little side to your salad. 

Give it a go and More about this

Spiced egg banana scramble

This spiced egg banana scramble recipe is a great experiment to try if you’ve previously loved your porridge with banana for many years but find yourself craving sugar or carbohydrates mid morning as a result (as I know I used to find).

It’s basically like the higher protein version that will keep you satiated and full for three times longer.

Although a banana is a higher fructose fruit, you actually only need 1/2 of one in this recipe and the high protein and fat content slows the release on your body. The spices bring out the natural little sweetness … More about this