Review: Pukka ‘Detox’ tea

Looking for a new tea to curb the sugar cravings? Here I review Pukka ‘Detox’ tea so you can decide if you want to try it for yourself.

In general, tea is great sugar craving fodder. I know I used Chai and licorice frequently when I was weaning myself off a particularly strong post-meal sweet fix habit. This Pukka Detox tea is another really great one to add to that list.

Pukka ‘Detox’ TeaPukka Detox Tea

The Pukka ‘detox’ is a blend of organic aniseed, fennel and cardamom to ‘cleanse and revive’. All of these are distinct flavours that have a naturally sweet edge. For example I’ve used cardamom before in these muesli-type breakfast bars to sweeten without dried fruit.

If you don’t like aniseed or licorice, then you might want to stop reading now because the taste does come through in this tea. However, know that it’s not as strong as a pure licorice tea and you might be able to stomach it.


If you’re not familiar with fennel, it’s a strange looking vegetable that is naturally sweet tasting, so combined with the licorice and aromatic cardamom, you really do have a winning combination for satisfying a sweet urge. Something to try if you’re having a face off with the biscuits or chocolate!

Fennel is also an excellent digestion aid – another great reason to use this tea after lunch or dinner to help sooth your digestive system.

After drinking this tea for a few days, I was so partial to the fennel flavour, I bought one to use at home. I thinly sliced half and added to my daily salads whilst the other half I roasted, which further bought out the sweet flavour. Why not have a go with fennel yourself and see if you can appreciate it’s natural sweetness – this will be even more apparent as you change your tastebuds.

The verdict

Overall I think the Pukka Detox Tea is one of my favourite herbal teas around. It’s tasty, satisfying and warming. Usually I find herbal teas can smell a lot better than they taste, but I have to say this one follows through. I would happily drink it any time or day, and it might even start to push my old favourite Early Grey out on occasion.

However, I wouldn’t rely drinking this ‘detox’ tea to redeem you from say a sugar binge, but it’s certainly going to make you feel like you’re doing your insides some good.

Have you tried Pukka Detox tea? Do you use any other teas for sugar cravings?


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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    I really like this tea too, one of my favourites. I don’t normally like liquorice tea but I think it’s the fennel that’s the more prominent flavour. I’m a huge fan of nettle and fennel teas. They taste so…virtuous 🙂

  2. Lotte
    Lotte says:

    I am also trying this tea for the first time. Picked it up in Morrisons – I’m not sure I can see any benefit just yet but it doesn’t taste bad at all…
    I’m like Phil I hate liquorice, but you can’t really taste it. You can smell it but so glad you can taste it.

    Thanks for the sharing 😀

    Lotte xo
    Berice Baby – London Lifestyle Blog

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi Lotte,

      Yes I don’t know if there’s really that much ‘detox’ benefit but it’s just got a really nice taste I think and if you can’t taste the liquorice too much then happy days!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Laura x

  3. Rich
    Rich says:

    Thanks for this, no doubt I will now try it! There is another tea worth investigating that I’m trying at the moment which to be honest seems really good. Its called Te divina – you should look it up.


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