Sugar-free frozen blueberry and almond butter fudge

Now, I don’t claim to be a good foodie photographer by any means, but I can certainly say last week I was quite chuffed with myself. You may have seen on my Facebook or Instagram a cute heart-shaped frozen delight.

If you’ve been sunning yourself in the UK recently, you’ll know it’s pretty damn warm and we’ve even had some monsoon samplers! I’m really feeling for my Mentor Me Off Sugar cohort at the moment because they are battling ice cream at every corner. They’re finishing up on Sunday so they really have had nearly the whole heatwave to contend with.

Whilst summer has it’s Magnum themed sugar-free challenges, when you think about it there isn’t really a season when there aren’t any sugary challenges just around the corner. I personally find Christmas the toughest because of my former raisin obsession (have I told you that one year I ate Xmas pudding all year round? I know!). Anyway, whilst you think this is the worst time of year to attempt your sugar slaughter, in fact there is never a great time. Don’t fall into the trap of using time of year as an excuse.

If you got my newsletter last week, you’ll know I deconstructed ice-cream cravings a little bit to help you uncover the truth behind them. If you’re still craving a cold-sweet substitute then these little blueberry-frozen-fudge bad boys might do the trick… and they’re a heck of a lot healthier.

Warning: It is quite hard to just eat one when they’re this small and tasty, but because of the high fat content you can feel pretty full after 4 (as I found).

Sugar-free frozen blueberry and almond butter fudge

Makes approximately 10 shaped heart nibbles




  • 4tbls melted coconut oil (this stuff is amazing for you)
  • 1bls almond butter
  • 1tbls barley malt extract
  • 10 frozen blueberries


  • Mix the oil, almond butter and barley malt extract vigorously together in a small bowl

  • Spoon into an ice cube tray (of any shape, hearts worked well!)

  • Push a frozen blueberry into the middle of each shape and stick the whole lot into the freezer

  • Eat when frozen or even semi-frozen if you’re as impatient as me!

These are sooooo nice. They’re quite sweet so you may want to adjust the barley malt extract accordingly and I might add a little less next time. Remember, barley malt extract is a sweetener I like because it’s very low fructose and more natural than chemical or processed sweeteners. However, it’s not something I depend on every day, or even every week. It just helps make nice things, like these, on occasion.

I know these ingredients are a) a bit expensive and b) not found in the average supermarket. However, once you have them in stock, you can mix up this frozen fudge very quickly. The sheer convenience means they could be a great ice cream transition strategy and the price over the long run probably works out similar. Plus, you can use some of them in your low sugar smoothies remember!




If you make these PLEASE post a photo and let me know, as I would love to see them. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. I think this is becoming my social network of choice and I’m planning lots of sugar themed pictorial fun this summer.


Laura x


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