Sugarfree success story: Claudia Petrilli

Today I’m sharing someone else’s success story with sugar.

Claudia Petrilli lists out the exact steps and things she did to change her relationship with sweet.

Even if you’re familiar with what you need to do to change to lower sugar living, read each one and ask yourself if you’ve actually tried to action it.

This is a great overall summary of some of the most basic things you can do to make a difference in lower sugar life seeking.

Claudia Petrilli’s sugar-free story


I used to consider myself a former sugar junkie. There was a time when I had a “candy bucket” that I would re-fill weekly with every kind of sweets you could possibly imagine.

Each night, I’d sit on the couch after a long day of work and find something to snack on from my bucket. It brought me comfort and made me happy—at least while I was eating it.

During that time in my life, I was commuting almost three hours a day, didn’t feel fulfilled in my career and was in a new relationship.

Sleepless nights and dragging myself to work each day became the norm. I had no energy; acne; irregular menstrual cycles; and I was completely stressed out.

I didn’t know how to feel better about myself, so I turned to sugar for comfort.

Sound familiar? Do you find yourself reaching for sweets, cookies, ice cream or chocolate after a long, stressful day?

Little did I know that sugar was causing many of the issues and it was a vicious cycle.

I felt terrible, would binge on sugar, but had no idea sugar was the culprit. I started reading about the negative effects it has on your body, your mood, your sleep, and even your hormones.

I realised I needed to reduce my sugar intake in order to start feeling (and looking) better.

Here are the practical things I did to go sugar-free that might help you in your efforts:

I turned my candy bucket into a healthier snack bucket and stopped keeping sweet treats in the house.

Instead, I opted for snacks like nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, trail mix, popcorn, granola and good quality dark chocolate.

I stopped adding sweeteners to my morning coffee.

In order to avoid withdrawal symptoms, I gradually decreased the amount, until I no longer craved the sweetness.

I started drinking more water and added fresh lemon juice to it.

Many of my cravings stemmed from not drinking enough water. When I was craving something sweet, I would drink a tall glass of lemon water and that often satisfied my craving.

I swapped simple carbs for complex ones 

Things like pasta, crackers, and whole wheat bread were replaced by sweet potatoes, fruit, lentils and quinoa.


I increased my protein and healthy fat intake to make sure I felt more satiated at meals.

My go-to fats are olive oil, almond butter, avocados, olives and coconut oil. And my go-to proteins are wild-caught salmon or tuna, organic chicken and grass-fed beef.


I started eating healthy snacks throughout the day.

That way, I wasn’t starving at each meal and reaching for sugar or simple carbs, because I had already satisfied my hunger.

I incorporated self-care activities to deal with my daily stress.

Instead of comforting myself with sugar, I comforted myself with yoga, long walks, breathing exercises, epsom salt baths and journaling.

I created a nightly ritual to ensure I slept well.

Lack of sleep often leads to unhealthy cravings, so I made sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. I started to power down an hour before bedtime, dim all the lights play soothing sounds and read a book or magazine.

I took a look at my life and career path and asked myself what I really wanted.

I used to think there was something wrong with me for hating my commute and not being fulfilled by my job. I stopped being ashamed to admit that I was unhappy and found a job closer to home. Being closer to home gave me more time to myself. But most importantly, it enabled me to further examine my career path and enroll in nutrition school. I’m now a health coach, showing others how to reduce sugar in their life.

So in summary…

Going sugar free has lots of benefits. By changing around sugar, my skin cleared up, I started sleeping better, my overall mood improved and I maintained a healthy weight. It gave me the confidence to not only wear clothes that fit, but also to change my career and ultimately, my life.



Claudia Petrilli is a holistic health coach who works with women on how to find food and exercise they love so they feel confident in themselves again. Get her free snack guide here and follow her on Facebook or Instagram for daily tips and inspiration.

Would you like to share any part of your low sugar story or what you did? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Dr Pervinder Sanghera
    Dr Pervinder Sanghera says:

    Claudia’s story is an excellent one on how to shift our unhealthy sugar addictions to a more holistic and natural dietary habit. I too had a very bad sugar habit. However, about 4 years ago I saw a lecture on YouTube by Professor Lustig titled ‘Sugar is a Poison’.

    That lecture made me realise the damage I was causing to myself and family with all the sugar we were consuming, even for example by drinking fruit juices.

    After that I gave up sugar and have felt so much better. As a dentist I also am aware of its damaging effect on teeth especially in children. Tooth decay is still a major problem and I still find myself doing to many fillings on patients who over consume sugar.

    Hopefully resources such as this will help:)

    Dr Sanghera


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