Three sugar-friendly desserts that you need to try

You might have assumed that going low sugar is all doom and gloom on the dessert front. Well fear not my friend, desserts can still be on the cards. Here are three unusual options you can have a play with.

1. Avocado based chocolate mousse


Mine did not look quite like this…

Yep avocado in a dessert, that looks like it’s indulgent and chocolate-like. Perfect for fooling the ultimate chocoholic.

Now you might screw your face up at the thought, but this can turn out OK if you add enough sweetener (preferably stevia or rice malt syrup). If you don’t, it’s a bit weird because it looks like chocolate but doesn’t taste sweet enough. I’ve found a good base recipe here, and you can even make it diary free using coconut milk or cream. When all you need to do is whack ingredients in a blender, it’s worth a fun experimental try. I need to have a few more goes though…

2. Greek yoghurt with…

I was cold one evening and I didn’t want freezing frozen berries on my creamy Greek yoghurt. So I put them in a little bowl and zapped them in the microwave. I then poured the berries onto my yoghurt, grated some dark chocolate on top. I was in awe of the spontaneous taste sensation I had self created in a mere three minutes…result!

3. Chia seed pudding

So I’ve blogged about this one before and tested out my own almond & pear chia seed pudding. Basically chia seeds soak up all the liquid and make you a chilled glass of slightly jelly like substance you can keep in the fridge for whenever you fancy. You can mix in any fruits and create your own concoction. Apple and blueberries are a good little combo. You’re also packing your dessert with serious nutritional punch because chia seeds are a bit of a superfood.

chia seed pudding

This is before they soak up all the liquid

Now I’ll happily admit that I’m OK at cooking, but I’m certainly no Nigella. My chocolate avocado mousse mishaps verify that for sure. With these new strange sugar-free dessert combinations, it is a real case of trial and error. Everyone’s got different taste preferences and similarly, a different sensitivity to sweet.

Keep experimenting until you find something you really like, so when the day dessert desire comes calling, you know you’ve got something that’s going to hit the spot in the most virtuous way possible.

Any sugar-friendly desserts you go for? More importantly any better experiences with avocado chocolate mousse?!

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