how to stop eating biscuits

Why I searched ‘How to stop eating biscuits’ on Google

“How to stop eating biscuits”


One day at university, in my final year, aged 23 and sat on my bed, I typed ‘how to stop eating biscuits’ into Google. Yet writing this blog, I am becoming evermore fearless of sharing all the embarrassing details associated to my former sugar addiction. So I’d thought I’d tell this story to enlighten and reassure you that if you’ve ever searched something similar into Google too, you’re far from alone.

The story

My exact memories are vague but I seem to remember eating rather a lot, perhaps a good  half of an entire packet of biscuits in one go. Most likely, I was hungover. The culprit was probably either Jaffa Cakes or ginger nuts, possibly Hobnobs. Anyway, biscuit variety aside, I felt sick and was disgusted at myself. I couldn’t understand why I still wanted just one more.

how to stop eating biscuitsProcrastination from my essay desired, I turned to Google as we often do. I searched “How to stop eating biscuits”. I don’t think I found anything of much use. I would’ve loved to have stumbled on Happy Sugar Habits back then, but it didn’t exist. Anyway, bored and uninspired, I reverted to Facebook procrastination until I decided to resume my essay writing. The important point of the story is that in my desperation, I went beyond a mere thought to physically type such a phrase into Google. I even surprised myself with this at the time.

A month or so later I had some friends visiting. Rachel, one of my friends asked to borrow my laptop. The next thing I knew, she was beyond hysterical laughing, unable to tell us what was so funny through multiple snorts of laughter. Yep, you guessed it, clever Google had managed to reveal my previous search terms in all my glory. Gotta love technology, eh? It became the banterous highlight of the weekend, and I swear dear Rachel still chuckles contently about it now.

Sugar searching in Google

how to stop eating biscuitsTelling you this story, I decided to do some research of ‘How to stop eating’ phrases into Google. Here are the results in order of those searched the most….

  • How to stop eating chocolate 16,000
  • How to stop eating sweets 1,300
  • How to stop eating cake 1,300
  • How to stop eating carbs 880
  • How to stop eating ice cream 110
  • How to stop eating biscuits 73
  • How to stop eating donuts 16

There you have it. There are 73 other people in the world every month who are as desperate enough to spend time and effort searching for stop eating biscuit solutions like I was. I feel decidedly better now. If you’re searching for just chocolate then you’re almost verging on boring normal.

I hope this post has been somewhat entertaining. It highlights the fact that sugar really can drive you to feel desperate and alone at times. If you’ve enjoyed reading it then please like or share this post…or just mention it to your friend who likes to Google everything. Alternatively leave a comment if you’ve searched for anything embarrassing in Google that you’d be willing to share (no rude ones on my nice pretty blog please!).

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  1. amberwagley
    amberwagley says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can completely relate as this is how I found your lovely and helpful website.

    • lauraj_thomas
      lauraj_thomas says:

      amberwagley Thanks Amber! I didn’t share this story for ages as I was too scared but then when I looked at the numbers I thought I might as well. Hope you enjoy the rest of the website 🙂


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