Could building trust with sugar be your way forward?

Do you ever get that feeling, you’re just never going to be able to fully trust yourself around sugar?

You push harder, fight your will power with force. You’re stricter with yourself and stay away from sweet…for all of two days. It’s a bit yo-yo. It’s a bit love-hate. You’re not sure if you’re ever going to have a ‘healthy’ or ‘normal’ relationship with sweet things that you observe in others.

You’re not sure if you’ll ever ‘quit’ sugar and you’re not convinced you’ll ever be safe from a sugar binge or relapse because it’s just happened so many times before.

Think about this, it’s not really about quitting sugar, it’s about trusting yourself with sugar.

Whilst actual refined sugar is going out of fashion like no tomorrow and ‘healthy’ (but not really that healthy) sugar substitutes are flooding the shops, it’s more mindset and approach to sweetness that’s causing the stress than how much sugar is in things.

Sugar-free is about to be printed on every other label, but we all know sweet things aren’t going away. Christmas will come every year. Birthday cake will still be offered. Life with sugar around will forever go on.

Sweet food isn’t going anywhere. There’s no magic product or diet out there. Instead of looking outwards at products or solutions, you need to work on yourself and find your own inner peace.

For some people, they can be hardly eating any sugar but be in an internal mental hell with keeping it that way.

For others, they can be blissfully unaware that they are eating sugar by the chuck-load but barely think, let alone be bothered about it.

Ideally you want to find your happy place somewhere in the middle that works best for you – a conscious awareness of a substance like sugar so you don’t eat 10 donuts a day, but a feeling that it doesn’t control your life and you can enjoy it if you want to.

Think about that for a second.

You can have a very healthy relationship with sugar and eat a little sugar.

Moderately. Occasionally. Playfully.

 All because you trust yourself.

When I didn’t trust myself around sugar, sweet stuff felt like a risky gamble. I never knew what might trigger the more erratic sugar behaviour I knew was in me. I was anxious often at the prospect of doing so. If I eat one of those, I will eat 10 and then feel bad about myself – guilty and annoyed. 

Through studying the mindset and embracing a more intuitive way of eating, I’ve slowly progressed to trusting myself with sugar whilst generally eating ‘lower sugar’ diet, so much that I don’t track or feel super conscious of how much sugar I eat.

Granted, overall it’s probably not that much. However, if I decide I want carrot cake or chocolate for breakfast one day, I have some. It now doesn’t feel like a big deal to me as I trust myself on the whole (not saying I’m perfect!).

I trust that my healthy sugar habits are firmly in play. My tastebuds will scream savoury if I overdo it on sweet and I’m intuitively aware of the unhealthy behaviours or signs that tell me I need to dial up my awareness a little.

Someone once said to me once ‘It’s weird, I would never track or be conscious of eating crisps. Sometimes I have them, sometimes not. They aren’t banned from my diet, yet I just eat them when the occasion presents or when I really fancy.’

I thought this was quite interesting. Why do we think about sugar so differently? You don’t spend all day thinking about crisps do you? Imagine if you thought about sugar the way you do about crisps or some other less healthy food/drink you eat in moderation?

Right now, maybe you feel like sugar is your enemy.

It’s taking up your emotional energy. Its puts you into that twilight zone where you can’t stop and has some crazy magic power over you. You think about it everyday. When, how, what, how much, how healthy is that etc.

Rather than banish it from your life forever and cast it as the devil, consider an alternative approach where you take the reigns and build trust over restriction.

Imagine yourself…

  • Enjoying a cocktail on holiday with no worry or guilt.
  • Not eating the dessert one time because you naturally just don’t feel like it. Eating a mouthful of dessert another time because you do feel like it.
  • Have a contentedness and confidence that you don’t eat an unhealthy amount of sugar that’s doing you long term physical or emotional damage.
  • Feel confidence that you won’t or aren’t ‘addicted’ to sugar
  • Have healthy habits and a healthy mindset that are going to serve you

Now I appreciate, you’re in one place and getting to hear might feel impossible. This isn’t something I can give you a 10 step guide to do as it takes some time. But start to ponder it as a concept and see how you feel.

Could trusting around sweetness be your end goal and what would that do for you?

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  1. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    No I dont totally trust myself yet with sugar. I have been sugar and fructose free for about 12 weeks, after doing an 8 week quitting period. But I can’t quite bring myself to reintroduce even blueberries yet. This article has some helpful things for me to think on, so thanks.

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi Nicky, really pleased this resonated on a level. Huge congratulations for doing the 12 weeks and now you have the next longer term focus of building up that trust slowly. It takes a while but it’s possible for everyone. Sounds like a few scattered blueberries might be a nice place to start and you can really be mindful about how they make you feel 🙂

      Good luck and let me know if any questions on the trust stuff down the line! xx

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Thanks Timo! I’ve found just picking one or two at a time really helps to not get overwhelemed! Then just trial and error to see what works 🙂 Laura


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