Healthy Easter Tips

Your Healthy Easter Survival Guide: 5 Tips

Easter time and the chocolate eggs come out to throw anyone, who managed to stay on their New Year health kick, right off track. Having a healthy easter can be hazardous. If it’s not the Lindt bunny with a bell on, it’s the hot cross bun or the Cadbury Cream Egg.

Sugary temptation is everywhere once again.

So here are my best tips manifested into some kind of survival guide to keep you from sweet overload.

My Healthy Easter Survival Tips

Survival Tip 1: Mentally prepare

  • You eat what you want to eat. End of.
  • You have complete control (actually believe this).
  • Your fear of missing out, being an Easter scrooge or changing things, is mostly in your own head and is not half as bad as you imagine (I reference this point from Christmas)

Just remember those things and equip yourself with some determination.

Healthy Easter Tips

Even the chicks are ready for it!

Survival Tip 2: Monies over chocolate

My Grandma stopped giving me chocolate a long while ago and I get something little and pretty instead. A pair of knickers or a spring bunny shaped soap (OK I’ve never been given that, but it popped into my head and fits nicely). Even better, she gives me a bit of money to go and buy a new top. I much prefer this arrangement, so now Easter is like a mini giving-fest. Ironically this year, I have a three tiered cake platter for my Grandma. It’s pretty enough without the cakes and will exist more as ornamental centrepiece… I hope!

Survival Tip 3: Don’t waste your saliva on cheap chocolate

I liked this quote from Sarah Wilson today…

“You just have to come to regard pre-masticated, additive-addled chocolate confection as a vile non-food and a waste of your salivary glands. Which it is”

OK quite extreme, but with this in mind, if you are going to have a little chocolate at least make it ridiculously expensive, extremely dark and good quality. Banish the day you will chuck a piece of cheap egg from the 99p shop into your mouth. It tastes simply horrible, even if you are desperate.

Survival Tip 4: Arm yourself with alternatives

Remember there are sugar substitutes like Stevia and Xylitol that you can sneak in if you’re baking. My flatmate and I are decided on finally making Sarah Wilson’s Raspberry Ripe tomorrow and you could also try your hand at some chocolate avocado mousse or chia seed pudding. Alternatively stock up on your favorite nuts or fruit so you always have something that is more nutritional to hand. Swap, substitute, swap…whenever you possibly can.

Survival Tip 5: Don’t stress

Healthy easter tips

Spring wishes…Will daffodils ever come!?

I don’t want to pain this picture that I am of high sugar virtue all the time, because quite honestly, I’m not. Despite having a very different taste for sweet to a year ago, I still falter like any normal human being, particularly with the social side of it all, which for me is still sometimes tricky.

This is my first Easter sans sugar, so like Christmas, I’m going in a bit unknown. My Grandma will have whipped up a lemon meringue pie before I have the chance to lace it with Stevia and there will be points where I’ll get curious about what a hot cross bun might taste like.

So don’t stress. Take your survival tips, do your best, play it cool and ride on for a very Happy Easter!

Laura x

p.s Just to let you know, I am an affiliate of Sarah Wilson, mainly because I actually love her quite a bit. If you do fancy buying one of her products and you click click here or through my side banner, I do get a small token that will go towards the all things Happy Sugar Habits.

p.p.s I can’t add a picture to this post but I’m totally going tweet pic the fancy three tiered cake platter once given, so follow me on twitter if you want to see!

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