Can you intuitively eat sugar?

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However, important things to consider for your long term health and happiness. I’d love you to share below if you have any experience or have tried intuitive eating?
Laura xx

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  1. Anna Roberts
    Anna Roberts says:

    Haha that ending is great! I must say, you can tell from the rest of the video how passionate you are about this subject. It’s an interesting one. I guess you can relate it to when you’re in a restaurant and you choose whatever you feel like eating from the menu at that moment in time. How do you think you could get around the difficulty of intuitively eating when you meal plan your lunches all week due to time/budget constraints? Would it just be a case of popping out for the extra protein, veg, salt etc that you crave? x

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      So there’s a balance here between planning and being un-prepared. Too much planning and you can end up thinking about future meals which can become more of a habit and take up more mental space/cause anxiety. Not enough planning (common in people you notice who don’t know much about food) and you get caught out and end up eating crap or expensive. I’ve kind of being playing with the balance myself. Cost effectiveness is hugely important so some planning is necessary. I would say keep them packed if that’s what you do but tune into how hungry you are for them and how much you fancy it in the end and just bring awareness to those notes and then eat what you have. Also could you leave it for another hour or do you want it earlier. Do you want to eat it all or do you want more etc. It’s more about being mindful than needing to completely not plan so you can do with your current set up 🙂 xx


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