I quit sugar chocolate cookbook review

Review: Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook

Love chocolate? Attempting to get on the low sugar train? These two things don’t tend to go hand in hand, do they? Fear not my chocoholic friend, help is at hand. Sarah Wilson has gone and made a completely sugar-free (and fructose-free) Chocolate Cookbook. I’ve purchased, read and road tested a recipe. So it’s only fair that I share my thoughts……

The book in a nutshell

  • A whopping 89 pages!
  • 74 recipes, although some are variations taken from other Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar books.
  • Lots of extra and detailed information on things like the difference between cocoa and raw cacao.
  • Pictures, prettiness and pure salivating material.

I quit sugar chocolate cookbook review

My favourite bits

  • Substitution is easy (& encouraged). I don’t often have all of the random ingredients, and I like the fact that Sarah appreciates this and offers practical substitution options.
  • Sarah emphasises that these are treats and because they still taste sweet, they’re not appropriate whilst you’re on a formal sugar detox. I am in complete agreement, so this is possibly a better buy later on in your sugar-free journey.
  • Some combinations are brilliant. They’re creative and unusual, and I am thankful that they have been discovered!
  • Apparently you can have some of these chocolatey things for breakfast. Coco Pops you’d better watch out!

Sarah Wilson I quit sugar chocolate cookbook review

Know this

  • Recipes are generally made sweet tasting with rice malt syrup, stevia and coconut, so you’ll have to perhaps buy a few things. I will also add that fruit does not feature in any of the recipes.
  • Lots of the recipes involve coconut oil or butter so you will certainly need to get over any fat fear (if it’s still lurking).
  • Some recipes are what I would deem a bit ‘faffy’, but others are super easy and quick, so simple souls like me are well catered for.

I quit sugar chocolate cookbook reviewAll in all, I think it’s a good shout, especially if you’re at the point of being more or less safely off sugar, and you’re looking for a dessert alternative to natural yoghurt. You can buy and instantly download the Chocolate Cookbook for $16 which worked out just over £10. Some of these recipes are also great if you’re a serial baker or you want to impress some guests without a complete sugar blowout.

Here’s a picture of me with my adapted version of the Sweet Potato Fudge. I used walnuts and I didn’t add enough cocoa (whoops!). But they still turned out well and tasted mighty fine, hence the Happy Sugar Habits smile…

 I quit sugar chocolate cookbook review

Note: If you decide you want to purchase and you click through one of my links, I am an affiliate for Sarah and I get a small thank you. I’ve given my honest opinion on the book and am purely reviewing it because I genuinely think it’s good stuff for those on a sugar-free journey. All proceeds go to support the continuation of this blog. 

Any other good sugar-free resources you know about? Feel free to comment and by doing so you’ll be sharing the love with all who read this post.

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  1. 1ManBandAccts
    1ManBandAccts says:

    I have her cookbook and haven’t got the chocolate one yet. I worked out that my fructose free baking was setting my body off into full scale seek sugar mode – which wasn’t pleasant – so I’m working out how little fructose I can get away with without setting me off.
    For anyone in London, Planet Organic do a hot chocolate which is great for a real hit. So many hot chocolates are sugar bombs I rarely drink it. It’s almond milk and raw cacao, just ask for no agave with it.
    Does sarah have a recipe for hot chocolate in there, as I find that full fat dairy milk with almond butter and spices is almost like a pudding/dessert.

    • lauraj_thomas
      lauraj_thomas says:

      1ManBandAccts Hi Rosie, she does actually and I tried it last week. It’s basically coconut milk, almond milk, almond butter and a little rice malt syrup with raw cacao and spices. I found it nice but quite rich so I would probably skip the coconut milk next time. Like you say you are the best judge of what sets you off into sugar seek mode. I’ve found the longer I go without , the less dangerous it is but it’s a very personal line you have to play with for a while!

      • 1ManBandAccts
        1ManBandAccts says:

        lauraj_thomas 1ManBandAccts I have rice syrup on my shopping list so going to see if that makes any difference.


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